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22 Apr 2016

B.O.N Skincare Supports Earth Day And The Environment With Natural Skin Products

A skincare range using sustainable and renewable resources delivers effective and affordable products. April 20, 2016 – Scottsdale, Arizona (PEOPLE LISTEN NEWS) — B.O.N Skincare, a company with a natural approach to product composition and the environment, is on a mission to educate as many consumers both nationally and internationally about healthy skincare choices and […]

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05 Apr 2016

Product Review on Natural Oil Blend Providing Double Mastectomy Scar Relief

April 4, 2016 – Scottsdale, Arizona (HOLLY AND IVY PRESS) — B.O.N Skincare, an international skincare range that is natural, effective, and incredibly affordable, this week received a monumental testimony on the effectiveness of scar relief through their powerful skin oil product. The testimony came from a customer after a double mastectomy. “I love this […]

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10 Feb 2016

BON-Skincare Adds Deluxe Dry Body Brush To Their Range

How Dry Body Brushing can Improve Skin Tone February 8, 2016 – Scottsdale, Arizona (HARMONIC PRESS RELEASES) — B.O.N Skincare wanted a spa accessory that would compliment and enhance the effectiveness of their natural skincare product line. The decision was to introduce a high quality dry body brush ( after extensive research with spa professionals […]

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01 Jul 2015

Skincare Oils are Not All Created Equal

Summer often means fun, sun-filled days outside, everywhere from the mountains to the beach. Most of us love all this exposure to the great outdoors, but often our skin does not. Sun, heat, and wind can dehydrate and stress skin and aggravate conditions you may already have such as acne, uneven skin tone, scars, aging, or even skin problems that accompany […]

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15 Jun 2015

Dry body brushing … Brush My Body Pretty

Firstly let’s start with this concept in mind:  “You are beautiful! And you should treat yourself with the attention & love you deserve” Now your body has been through a lot, trust me when I say the first step in making yourself look better is by giving yourself some credit and appreciation!

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22 Apr 2015

Being Inspired and Making a Difference

Jenny & Kate, the ladies behind bringing B.O.N® Skincare to the United States from its origins in South Africa, recently had the privilege of meeting Sir Richard Branson at a convention in which he shared his vision, success and goals for his non-profit organization called Virgin Unite. At the very core of Virgin Unite is […]

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29 Oct 2014

Oil vs Lotion: which is better for your skin?

Hydrating dry and itching skin has been a skin priority since the beginning of time.  The most natural way for centuries has always been to use naturally derived oils.  However, the cosmetic industry introduced more and more sophisticated lotions which contain a host of chemical cocktails.  The more occlusive the ingredient, the more scientific and […]

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17 Feb 2014

Why is mineral oil getting such a bad rap?

We could also be asking ourselves why does “sugar” in our diet get a bad rap. The problem is that mineral oil has been over-used and abused in the cosmetic industry just like sugar in the food industry. Mineral oil is cheap, fragrance free and colorless, doesn’t oxidize and can easily be kept for a […]

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