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Telling her of the scars and stretch marks treatment oil called B.O.N Nourishing Skin Oil


"I love this oil.  I was looking for an all natural oil to massage my skin and incisions with following a double mastectomy/reconstruction last May.  Love the way my skin feels after using it."Cynthia Jones-Engel
"This is an amazing, natural alternative to my usual oils. It was gentle on my extremely sensitive skin. I love that the scent is so subtle, it nearly fades to non-detectable. It is non-greasy, but highly moisturizing. I use it from the tips of my hair to the tips of my toes. I live in flip flops during the summer, which drys out my skin. Using this on my feet really helped keep them soft and moisturized. Most importantly, it worked great under my sunscreen! And, because it's an oil, a little goes a long way. Highly recommend, especially if you're looking for a natural, chemical free product!"R. Wall

"Thanks so much for the sample of B.O.N Nourishing Skin Oil. I am an INSTANT BELIEVER!!

Firstly, my tummy got really sun burnt in Santa Barbara, and I was in agony. I put some of the oil on it, and within minutes (seriously) the burning had gone – and I have not peeled.

I am also convinced that the ‘wrinkles’ on my knees have improved by about 50% (seriously – again!!)"

Jenny Russell

"I love this stuff!  I normally don't buy into the special lotions and potions and make my own oil mixes but I love the applicator and consistency of this oil.  Plus the smell is great.  Thanks again!"

Julie, Arizona

"I have always had trouble finding natural products for my skin that really work. I have olive skin which is very dry and often sensitive. So I previously made up my own mixture to help with dry skin and stretch marks. Since I found BON® Nourishing Skin Oil, I have been SO happy with the results. Excellent!"


"Two children, huge babies – no stretch marks!!"

Rosemary Summers

"There has been more improvement in the appearance (of my scar) in one month than there has been in the previous two years. I have used another brand of oil before – it did nothing. BON® Nourishing Skin Oil has definitely made a dramatic improvement. More than enough evidence for me to continue using it."


"I applied BON® to my Caesarean scar, every morning after my shower and every night before bed. In just three days I thought I could see a significant difference. I asked my husband, he looked, and then said “WOW!” I thought there must have been something wrong but apparently the difference was so drastic that he just couldn’t believe it. Three days!!"

Casey Vic

"I am super impressed and can see results on scars and stretch marks already!"

Carol Moodley

"I had a scar on my face and some acne marks in my face! Thanks to BON® Nourishing Skin Oil, the scar has faded and the acne marks are gone. I’ve only been using it for 2 months!"

Frizaan Hassan

"After 2 weeks of using BON® Nourishing Skin Oil, I got rid of the dry and flaky skin condition of my hands after a severe case of hand eczema."

Max Peuntes

Before and After

Max Puentes – Hand Eczema
After 5 weeks of using B.O.N. Nourishing Skin Oil

Stacey Loots – Scar
After 5 weeks of using B.O.N. Nourishing Skin Oil

Elloraine Swart – Burn
4 weeks of using B.O.N. Nourishing Skin Oil

Azariah Slammet – Rare Skin Disease (Lamellar Ichthyosis)
After only 6 months of using B.O.N. Nourishing Skin Oil
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Ethan Jordaan – Burn
After 4 weeks of using B.O.N. Nourishing Skin Oil

Corne Hornabrook – Dog Bite Scar
After 9 months of using B.O.N. Nourishing Skin Oil

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