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B.O.N® Nourishing Skin Oil

Why should I avoid products with mineral oils or liquid paraffin?

Mineral oils are petrochemicals produced as a by-product through the distillation of gasoline from crude oil. Large companies use mineral oil as a filler in cosmetic products because it is very inexpensive and increases the shelf life of their products.

Mineral oil acts as a film on the skin as it cannot be readily absorbed by the skin. This clogs the pores which slows the skins ability to eliminate toxins. Remember the skin is the largest organ of your body and plays a key role in maintaining overall health!

The process of distilling petrochemicals such as mineral oil also impacts negatively on the environment.

B.O.N® Nourishing Skin Oil contains no mineral oil.

Does B.O.N® Nourishing Skin Oil contain any mineral oil or petrochemicals?

Absolutely not. B.O.N® Nourishing Skin Oil only contains a blend of Avocado, Grape Seed and Rose Hip Oils which have all been naturally derived. This blend was carefully chosen for it’s natural properties of increasing the hydration content of the skin and improving the skin’s elasticity. These oils are high in Vitamin E which further promotes healthy skin rejuvenation.

Can you use it during pregnancy?

Yes you can use it during pregnancy and and it is highly recommended for use throughout pregnancy to improve the skin’s elasticity and avoid stretch marks. While stretch marks generally appear later in pregnancy (around 7th or 8th month), they can appear as soon as the belly starts growing. The unique oil blend in B.O.N® Nourishing Skin Oil helps with the production of collagen, boosts skin rejuvenation and helps with skin elasticity. These are all essential elements for the skin while it adjusts to the continuous movement of the body during pregnancy.

Can you use it on infants and children?

Yes, the product does not contain artificial colorants, parabens or preservatives. It is easily absorbed by the skin and does not clog pores. It makes an excellent massage oil for infant massage and children with dry skin or scars will benefit from the nourishing effects of B.O.N® Nourishing Skin Oil. However, it is always advised to test the product on your child or baby’s skin to assess their skin’s sensitivity. Please call 1-866-228-9929 for a free sample.

Is it suitable for sensitive skin?

B.O.N® Nourishing Skin Oil contains no colorants, parabens and preservatives. It is essentially a blend of natural oils which are known for soothing, nourishing and enhancing the skin. It is therefore suitable for sensitive skin. However, it is always advised to test the product on your skin to assess your skin’s sensitivity. Please call 1-866-228-9929 for a free sample.

Can B.O.N® Nourishing Skin Oil cause any skin irritation?

B.O.N ® Nourishing Skin Oil is a natural product that is gentle on skin. For those with chronic skin conditions and allergies, it is always recommended to patch test a small area under the arm first to test the skin’s reaction. If irritation or redness or any discomfort occurs, discontinue use. If symptoms persist, see a healthcare professional.

Note: B.O.N Nourishing Skin Oil should not be used on broken skin.

Is it tested on animals?

No. Definitely not. Our manufacturer is a  “No Animal Testing” facility.

What is the shelf life of B.O.N® Nourishing Skin Oil?

The shelf life is two years but it is recommended to use the product within twelve months of opening.

Where can I use B.O.N® Nourishing Skin Oil?

Anywhere where you have skin – your body and face. It’s ideal on scars, stretch marks, dry spots, itchy scalp, hair, nail cuticles, elbows and feet. It nourishes, moisturizes and conditions your skin while improving it’s elasticity and skin tone.

The levels of Vitamin E in B.O.N® Nourishing Skin Oil are very high. Is this good for one’s skin?

The Vitamin E in B.O.N® Nourishing Skin Oil is naturally derived anti-oxidant that helps reduce free radicals and improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks and wrinkles.

It is also effective in restoring an uneven skin tone by visibly reducing the appearance of age spots, blemishes and pigmentation marks. The anti-ageing properties improve moisture, softness and skin smoothness.

Can one apply B.O.N® Nourishing Skin Oil to the face?

Yes, it is a clinically proven face and body oil. Apply after cleansing. One can apply sunscreen or make-up afterwards. Avoid the eye area as an oily residue in the eye can cause discomfort. Use a cotton swab dampened with water to gently rub over eye area to remove oil if this occurs.

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