Pregnancy is such a special time for you and your family and the promise of new life.  You deserve to look and feel your best while growing the life inside you. Make B.O.N.® Nourishing Skin Oil a vital part of your pregnancy beauty routine. And continue using it as a massage oil as you bond with your new bundle of joy.


B.O.N.® Nourishing Skin Oil is clinically proven to help with:

Stretch marks

Stretch marks, as the name implies, occur when the skin is stretched out and they appear in the dermis (middle) layer of your skin. Studies suggest that they appear due to the hormonal changes our bodies experience during weight gain. This happens most often during pregnancy and the teen years. The best way to try and prevent stretch marks, is to increase the skins moisture as well as it’s elasticity. B.O.N.® Nourishing Skin Oil is ideal as it penetrates into the dermis layer of the skin.

Pregnancy and Vitamin A

Based on the available clinical information, the ingredients in B.O.N.® Nourishing Skin Oil are suitable for use by pregnant women – including ingredients containing natural Vitamin A. There are no reported contra-indications or side effects found in the literature and no reports of negative effects on pregnant women. For any specific concerns please contact your health care professional.

Vitamin A can be naturally derived or synthetic. Synthetic Vitamin A (Retinyl Palmitate), can irritate the skin, especially when used in combination with prescribed acne medication. It is also not recommended during pregnancy. B.O.N.® Nourishing Skin Oil contains naturally derived Vitamin A (found in Avocado, Grape Seed and Rose Hip oils) which is beneficial to the skin in helping with the appearance of scars, stretch marks, skin tone, ageing and dehydrated skin, overall skin care and conditioning.

Make B.O.N.® Nourishing Skin Oil a vital part of your pregnancy beauty routine.

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