Oil vs Lotion: which is better for your skin?

Hydrating dry and itching skin has been a skin priority since the beginning of time.  The most natural way for centuries has always been to use naturally derived oils.  However, the cosmetic industry introduced more and more sophisticated lotions which contain a host of chemical cocktails.  The more occlusive the ingredient, the more scientific and “researched” the lotion appeared to be with promises of eternal youthfulness and soft, resilient skin.  This gave the manufacturer control over hyping the retail price and making the consumer feel that they are using a magic potion.

Unfortunately, many commercial lotions contain the most amounts of synthetic chemicals and petroleum by-product making many of them quite toxic.  They are also often 70% water-based. Oils, on the other hand, are just that: Oil.  Many have them will be blended with a few different types of oil such as grape-seed, coconut, jojoba, avocado and rose-hip.  In Europe, oils have remained an effective moisturizing product for skin care.

Lotions are mostly made up of water (or some leaf juice) and an emulsifier of some sorts, and wax.  The wax sits on top of your skin leaving a protective layer. That’s great but it can build-up to cause break-outs and other issues. Oils are absorbed directly into the skin and it feeds the skin cells from the inside.

Young skin is plump, luminous and vibrant.  These “young” skin cells in young skin are held together by an abundance of oils.  As we age, we produce less of these oils and our skin starts to wrinkle and look dehydrated.  So doesn’t it make a sense to give aging skin back its plump with something it knows: OIL!.

Which is better for your skin...oil vs lotion?

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