Dry body brushing … Brush My Body Pretty

The incredible benefits of dry body brushing

Firstly let's start with this concept in mind:  “You are beautiful! And you should treat yourself with the attention & love you deserve”

Now your body has been through a lot, trust me when I say the first step in making yourself look better is by giving yourself some credit and appreciation!

Alright, let's get to the good stuff! Upon research I have found various “pros” to dry body brushing! What a bonus!

Not only does it help the body get rid of dry and flaky skin, it also aids in circulation, stimulation, toxin absorption and possible reduced cellulite appearance.  The brushing technique helps the lymphatic system drain)

Dry body brushing with skin oil

Simple? Here's How to do it:

  1. First equip yourself with the right product; a brush with firm bristles that are preferably plant based like cactus or vegetable (these a sustainable resources)
  2. Most people prefer brushing in the morning before a bath or shower, but you can do it whenever it suits you best!
  3. Brush in upward motions starting from the feet and moving up the legs and to the torso, then upward toward the heart, from the collar bones brush down toward heart, brush up the arms towards your armpits.(The direction of your brushing is  important as it aids in lymphatic drainage)
  4. Take a shower to rinse off the dry skin you have just removed.
  5. Now that your pores are open and ready to receive the moisture it needs, lather yourself in your preferred moisturizer or natural oil.
  6. Do everyday !

Since this detoxes your body I prefer treating myself to a natural product after brushing, it only seems fair! Give the body more of what works well with it and less of what it fights against!


Tip: Using an oil blend like B.O.N Nourishing Skin Oil is great as you get the benefits of all the oils rather than just a single oil.

P.S if you forget to do it everyday, try leaving a body brush near the shower to remind you

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