BON-Skincare Adds Deluxe Dry Body Brush To Their Range

Benefits of Dry body brushingHow Dry Body Brushing can Improve Skin Tone

February 8, 2016 – Scottsdale, Arizona (HARMONIC PRESS RELEASES) — B.O.N Skincare wanted a spa accessory that would compliment and enhance the effectiveness of their natural skincare product line. The decision was to introduce a high quality dry body brush ( after extensive research with spa professionals and on-line beauty bloggers.

The sourcing of this premium dry body brush was not easy. Many manufacturers use plastic as a filler between the bristles and the brush head which decreases the length of the bristles. They also have synthetic bristles which can fray and are rough on the skin. The longer the bristle, the more effective the brush. B.O.N Skincare found a suitable manufacturer that not only used sustainable farmed wood but also provided natural bristles.

A recent review of their dry body brush on Amazon ( mentioned that the "brush feels high quality and the bristles are soft and firmly seated. I really like that the bristles are made of natural materials, which is supposed to be important for increasing circulation without irritating or scratching the skin". This is exactly what B.O.N Skincare wanted to achieve: a high quality product that adheres to their company goals of selling superior products that are natural, effective and affordable.

Dry brushing, according to health professionals, is best practiced in the morning before taking a bath or shower and there is a specific technique to which a person should adhere. B.O.N Skincare therefore has included an informational brochure on "How to Dry Body Brush" as well as a sample of the B.O.N Nourishing Skin Oil in the packaging.

With the launch of this product, B.O.N Skincare is hoping to reach people of all ages and introduce them to the health benefits of dry body brushing as well as their product line. This ancient daily Ayurvedic practice is meant to detox the body, boost collagen production and assist with blood circulation.
A key element is to brush the body when it's dry not wet.

According to a spokesperson for B.O.N Skincare, the launch of this dry body brush increases the opportunity of cross-branding and they are able to introduce more consumers to their blend of Rose-hip, Grape-seed Avocado and Vitamin E Oils.

B.O.N Skincare intends to remain relevant in both skincare products and tools for their customer base.Dry body brush lifestyle A

About B.O.N Skincare:

B.O.N. Skincare ( is the US Distributor for an international skincare range that is natural, effective (always clinically-proven) and affordable. B.O.N Nourishing Skin Oil is hugely successful in stretch mark, scars and dehydrated skin treatment and the natural ingredients form the basis of all the other skincare products in the B.O.N range.

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