Being Inspired and Making a Difference


Jenny & Kate, the ladies behind bringing B.O.N® Skincare to the United States from its origins in South Africa, recently had the privilege of meeting Sir Richard Branson at a convention in which he shared his vision, success and goals for his non-profit organization called Virgin Unite. At the very core of Virgin Unite is the belief that "business can and must be a force for good in the world – and that this is also good for business". Sir Richard Branson is passionate about entrepreneurs and feels that creating opportunities and putting people and the planet in front of profit will go a long way in making our precious planet retain it's wealth. One of Kate's favorite quotes from Sir Richard is "If you aren’t making a difference in other people’s lives, you shouldn’t be in business – it’s that simple."

This same philosophy and passion for doing good was reflected in the reason for distributing B.O.N® Skincare: to create a natural skincare range that is effective and affordable and treating their customer base as an extension to this goal.  Kate said: "We don't see our customers as just another bill.  They are a vital part of spreading the message that natural and effective is more important than synthetic and cheap".

Sir Richard Branson says "do good, have fun, and the money will come."  This simple philosophy is the vision for B.O.N® Skincare in the U.S.A. To introduce an amazing, all natural, life changing product to the country; but to do so in a way that is also benefiting amazing survivor and success stories, and every customer that they serve.  They also plan to have a ‘Fun Fund’ for their employees  to spend on a fun activity every month, along with Thankful Thursdays where employees meet to express one thing they are thankful for and in this way benefit everyone who the company touches.

Here's is a little more from these ladies hearts,

Jenny: "I want to employ staff who need a new start in life.  Maybe life has dealt them a cruel blow and they need a safe place to get appreciated and rewarded again.  That's what I want with B.O.N®".

Kate: "What you give is always what you get!  I choose to live in a world where people make kind choices and treat others with kindness.  My goal with B.O.N.® is to provide our customers, our employees and the world around us with kind products, kind service and kind actions paying it forward.  Something as small as that can make a BIG difference”.  

A look at the Before & After page shows the amazing effect of B.O.N® Nourishing Skin Oil on scars, and they are planning to launch a campaign that provides donor transplant and recipient patients with a full size bottle, free of charge.

If you are linked with a foundation that works with donor transplant and recipient patients, or know a donor transplant or recipient patient, personally, please come and tell B.O.N® Skincare on Facebook  -- you can even send a private message in order to keep confidentiality. We look forward to making the world a better place with you!

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