B.O.N Skincare Supports Earth Day And The Environment With Natural Skin Products

Special OfferA skincare range using sustainable and renewable resources delivers effective and affordable products.

April 20, 2016 – Scottsdale, Arizona (PEOPLE LISTEN NEWS) — B.O.N Skincare, a company with a natural approach to product composition and the environment, is on a mission to educate as many consumers both nationally and internationally about healthy skincare choices and sustainable business practices that impact the world positively and make for a greener planet.

In honor of Earth Day today, B.O.N Skincare announced they will be offering their signature, all-natural B.O.N Nourishing Skin Oil in a "buy one, get two free" special on their website through the end of April 2016. The offer includes a $60 value for only $19.99. This promotion is an effort to encourage as many people as possible to try out a natural "skin food" and experience the results of healthy nourishment to the skin, the body's largest organ.

"At B.O.N Skincare, nothing is more important to us than delivering effective skincare that is environmentally-conscious, all at affordable prices," said Kate, a B.O.N Skincare spokesperson. "All of our products are manufactured using sustainable, renewable resources that naturally comprise of healthful benefits for the skin. Additionally, we use no animal byproducts, and never, ever test our products on animals."

Aside from standard recycling practices B.O.N Skincare is committed to such as using boxes multiple times, reducing waste by having reusable ceramic tea mugs for everyone in the office, making drinking water available in glasses instead of one-time use plastic bottles, and using the backside of printed paper, the company goes above and beyond standard sustainability practices today by investing in strictly renewable resources for product composition.

"Our daily commitment to the environment and clean, healthy living means that here at B.O.N, every day is Earth Day," said Kate. "We ensure that none of our products contain mineral oil or liquid paraffin, the number one cheap and ineffective ingredient prevalent in most skin care products today. Mineral oil creates a barrier on the skin that prevents goodness from going into the skin, and anything that needs to be eliminated, such as toxins, from coming out. We hope that consumers will make an investment in personal health and environmental sustainability this Earth Day by checking out our platform and Earth Day specials!"

All the nourishing and healing benefits of B.O.N's products are derived from the natural essence and qualities of the plant bases they use.

About B.O.N Skincare

B.O.N Skincare is the US Distributor for an international skincare range that is natural, effective (always clinically-proven) and affordable. B.O.N Nourishing Skin Oil is hugely successful in stretch mark, scars and dehydrated skin treatment and the natural ingredients form the basis of all the skincare products in the B.O.N range.

Kate Schumann


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